At the Gym

Iron weights on steel benches

Set 1, Set 2, Set 3,

Waiting for my spotter on the bench press

We’ll do set 1, then Set 2, and Set 3.

Delts dorks dream of, decked on display,

Muscle men are masters here so give them way.

Seated in the sauna Susan extends her stay,

I’m inching up the incline; set 1, set 2, set 3

Hunger pangs are picking up I now prefer the buffet,

But feelings of fatigue finished I’m in the fitter fray,

The trainer said it’ll lessen; me wanting to eat the whole tray,

For now let me do some push-ups set 1, set 2, set 3.

I’ve quit before it’s not for the faint hearted

But for the six-pack and adoration it’s always commanded

I’ll stick to it this time; I’m more than determined

Well here goes my last one; Set 1…., set 2……., set 3.


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