Missed a Date



Yesterday I missed a date and now i must apologize,

I saw the hours flying by but didn’t do anything,

Some work had come along so I was actually doing something,

I’m not sure if it was important or productive procrastination,

But now I need to redeem myself, prove my dedication,

Explain how it’ll never happen again,

but getting back to her good books it’s hard to begin,

Hi, I know you didn’t see me on our first date,

You know I actually came I was only very late

What? Cheap excuses? Well…..  I’m really really sorry,

It’ll never happen again don’t you worry,

I’m more dependable on any other day,

I’m honest, standing people up is not my way,

Come on don’t be like that I really think you’re a dear 😦

No, no I wasn’t with someone else, is that’s what you fear?

What ?Maybe? Okay I can deal with a fifty fifty,

You’re being so understanding. Forgiving and a beauty,

Now I have to do my part not just showing up,

Time to get my swag on get suave and suited up.








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