The I in Writer

I: the ninth letter and third vowel in the ISO Basic Latin Alphabet, it’s thought to have originated from Hieroglyphics in Egypt. I is also one of the few letters that’s also a complete word as well as a complete sentence, well sure all the letters can be complete sentences if we want them to be. All i have to do is ask a person, “what is the nth letter of the alphabet” and their response will be a complete and correct sentence but I is more. It does more than that because asking “who is it” and getting the response I is though bordering on extreme brevity still correct. Of course anyone who texts knows the ridiculous levels to which people gone to shorten their texts and save that precious text space, damn that 140 character limit but thank God for WhatsApp. It could also be thumbs aren’t exactly the pride n joy of the body’s muscle system.

A story is also told of a famous writer either Wilde or Hugo who on wanting to know how his new book was faring sent the telegram written ? and got the response ! from his publisher thus recording the world shortest conversation even because emojis with more characters than that. Now back to I the personal pronoun, one of the most spoken words in the world. As a writer I hate it. I hate it because it borders on ego centrism, sense of over worth and pride. Putting I in my work means talking about myself and why I’m I talking about myself is there nothing else to write about? The world is full of so many interesting characters and events. Have I reached the point where there is nothing else to talk about so that I must talk about myself?

Clearly I wouldn’t cut it as a rapper given the amount of Is in rap. Seriously just pick a song any song if you can’t don’t worry i’ve done it for you, Forever by some of the biggest names in the game is all I, Lil Wayne R.A.F is all I or we. Brooklyn’s finest by Jay Z is fairly divided between the Is of great stuff he’s done and you the things he’s done to the other person few being positive. In fact in Turn me on featuring by Nicki Minaj there’s a line where she goes I-I-I-I-I-I-I. Those are 6 Is too many for me.

Nope not happening

Unfortunately there comes a time when a person needs to move to the center of the crowd and stake their claim to respect acclaim and recognition. Like CM Punk’s Pipebomb at Las Vegas Nevada at some point in life you need to break it down real slow and real simple to the rest who are viewing that you are simply the smartest, strongest, and most talented in the place and the spotlight should be on you. As a writer I think it’s reached the point where I’m ready to blow my own trumpet because no one else will blow it for me. I can write anything, SEO, content writing, content curation even anthropology, you name it I can do it and make it look pretty good.

Some writers challenge themselves to write 1000 words a day and I’m throwing my ring into the hat too. I’m writing 1000 words a day every day. If a client gives me work well and good I won’t post anything, but if I’m free there will be a post. It could be on anything, a short story a humorous article or just a piece to demonstrate my skill in a certain niche even poetry but for the next 3 months 1000 words must be written per day. It’s time the I in writer stood for me.


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