Life of a Freelance Writer

Way past midnight and I’m still posting bids,

Doing my best to get writing gigs.


In the freelance life there’s no fair competition,

Only an elite few who have utter domination,

Curse when they bid on the same jobs as you,

And if they were first your chances are few.


I wish I knew what they wrote on their proposals,

Because their bids succeed mine sent to the disposal.

But that doesn’t trump when I don’t get paid,

“ just wait two days” that’s what one had said,

But then he disappeared and shut his account,

And the bundles I’d spent! Such a colossal amount!


But that’s just a small tumble I’m not down for the count,

If freelancing is a horse tomorrow I’m back on the mount,

Me and my invisible bosses,

Both of us wondering whose details are hoaxes.


Anyway I have to stop a new job’s been posted,

And it’s perfect for me I won’t even get my CV distorted,

Come on! I mean, its pay is to coveted,

And its long term! Just what I’ve always wanted.


What’s this? Some cheapskates have posted before me?

Their rates are ridiculous! They’re practically working for free!

Anyway I’m confident I must get this one,

It’s been a dry week me I deserve a good run.





Women take the blame

The hemline index is an indicator of economic development and basically states that you can measure the economic development of a country by the average length of women’s skirts. the theory goes that as an economy develops women’s skirts get higher and higher and as it degrades the contrary happens. It’s a funny theory but it does point out that as other social problems such as insecurity and gender based violence are tackled, women feel more empowered to show more because no one is jumping out of the bushes trying to rape them or attack them for their choice of dressing. Now why would women in a safe environment feel the need to dress in a manner that would make them more prone to assault in a more hostile environment? Because at the heart of it women do like to be objectified.

Now I’m not coming in defense of rapists because that is plain wrong but it is something that must be acknowledged that even in scenarios that do not call for evaluation of physical beauty women still do put themselves and therefore their fellow women in a condition that calls for objectification. Let’s look at an office setting the dress code for men is quite direct; long trousers with a sleeved shirt and/or a tie and coat. A man walks into an office covered up. Women bravely fought for their right to dress as they please and it’s also seen in their choice of clothes. Some wear long skirts, some wear minis, some wear sleeved blouses, some come sleeveless, some have polo necks some where low cut tops, some wear loose clothes, some wear figure hugging. If you are now coming to say that it’s freedom of choice then that’s my point exactly. Men are the ones who decided for themselves that the suit is what will be worn to work, why wouldn’t men allow for mini-shorts to work even for those who’ve worked out and got their legs all muscular and toned. Because men realize that it’s not always about looks, even rugby players who Kenyan women
go crazy over dress up after the game because after that it’s just not the time and place to look sexy unless it’s a picture for a magazine.

It’s not about oppression it’s about freedom. It’s about the freedom from social pressure to have a great physique and freedom from being evaluated on your physical aspects in situations where looks should not matter. If you’ve got it flaunt it is the mode of operation for women which means that if you’re not flaunting you probably don’t have it. But it also means that there’s always that pressure to look good even if all you are is an accountant in the back room. So if there’s a woman who comes to work showing her well toned arms it also means that there are women in that same office feeling the pressure to get those well toned arms to show them off too. While people might want to blame video game fan boys and the media for their over sexualization of women, women must also come to accept that they too (at least some) like to be sexualized even in circumstances where it’s not about sex and looks should not matter. Someone once said that until the day woman can feel sexy with a beer gut and a balding head they won’t be equal to men I say until the day women learn to seek attention without having to resort to showing more skin the battle for equality can’t be won.